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Rooms of Origins

Rooms of Origins is a hospitality product portfolio that offers the international hospitality world a completely new approach to designing and furnishing hotels. Hoteliers and restaurateurs can choose from pre-selected hospitality interior product packages for innovative hospitality concepts that are uniquely combined in to ‘Rooms’. No space in a hotel, resort, or restaurant is left out, and each is devoted to how the oocupants will be inspired by and use them, such as dream rooms, bath and relaxation rooms, dining and gathering rooms, entertaining rooms, and encounter rooms.

Rooms of Origins is giving hotel investors, brands, star chefs, architects, and owners the possibility to save time on the design process while enjoying the best quality and the exclusivity of a specially curated high-end concept at a competitive price. Rooms of Origins orders directly from the source, the producers and brands, and cuts out unnecessary costs in the chain charged or calculated by third or fourth parties. In other words, Rooms of Origins supplies 5-star product packages for moderate pricing.

“The sequence of the day is set by the light of the sun and the moon. Natural light is changing the mood of a Room continuosly” 

by Edward van Vliet

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