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OmarOwen is the personification of the bohemian explorer who has curated their global experiences of ancient rituals and cultures into a here & now hospitality concept.
All coming together into 7 individual although interconnected, foundations for the holistic traveler.  The number 7 being considered as the unification of the physical (number 4) with the spiritual (number 3)
The 7 identified destinations are a haven, where guests will connect with the history and cultural heritage of the individual destination and where they will meet the local creatives such as poets, philosophers, composers, writers, artists, chefs, designers, and architects. A place to share creativity, background & culture — to inspire & learn from one and other  — to experience the magic of spiritual connections & to co-create a new world.


The awareness of being is happiness itself”
by Rupert Spira

The Oriënt Club


Finding Your Destiny 

Gamble and chance rule this destination, luck and  happenstance abound  here fueled by hope and vision coming into focus. This is the beginning of  the journey, what will it reveal to you, where will you go, who will you meet,  and most importantly who will you become?. The rich esoteric culture of  the people of these lands has over centuries honed certain games and rituals that will guide and challenge you towards destiny, such as the Luopan Compass, the I Tjing, Mahjong, Tarot, Fortune sticks, Kau Chim,  Palmistry, and much more. Come here to discover them. The Dream Opera  calls you to join the chorus and explore the Equality of Things.

Artist in Residence Village


Creative Devotion

Orgasmic energy, raw talent, desire, expression, and gutural, creative articulation reside here. This destination is the university of the deep self  where you practice any of the seven arts that  summon you. It is a place to stay, to revive, to reflect, and then to express and hone the initial utterances that originate deep within the well of you. This most definitely is a new home to let go of all the ties and barriers that hold you back so that you are free to explore your creative self. Spiritual earth medicine, treatments, and rituals guide you in your personal growth.

The Hamman Suites


Holistic Wellness

​On the boarder of east and west sits this destination, stradling the fluid  lines between the cultures of Islam and Christianity as they merge, influence each other, create new realities and questions, destroy them, and  then start the dance all over again. In this part of the journey you cleanse  yourself in the royal Hamman, washing under heavenly mineral moon  showers, letting everything go. Directed by the zodiac stars, the sun and  the moon, you travel on.

The Conservatory Spa


Connecting with Nature​

Like a forest of ancient trees, or a jungle from before the dawn of time, this  destination is the assemblage of green, grown wise, raw, and  unpredictably sophisticated. It is a place where you reconnect with nature  in all its meanings stretching back to the start. Here you understand and  experience the quality of a more authentic and natural life. Your personal  power is reharmanzied and renewed as you reconnect with your source,  which is the source of all things.  Buddha is your meditation master to  direct you as you make life altering choices.